• The list of most anticipated soundtracks of 2014 by the staff of GameMusic.net
    So just sit back and watch our video on the most expected soundtracks of 2014.
  • "(...)I‘m the same man when I compose for games, movies, or for stage!(...)"
    Following the premiere of Rayman Legends, the newest installment in famous platformer franchise, we\'ve had the opportunity to make an interview with Christophe Héral - the main person in charge of music for both this game.
  • "(...)For each game I score my main concern is the player; I want the music to support his or her actions(...)"
    Olivier Deriviere agreed to talk to us about his newest work. During the intreview he told us about the creation process of writing the music to the newest production Dontnod Entertainment.
  • "(...)I find the world overwhelming, frustrating, bizarre, hilarious, soul-destroying, joyful, ridiculous, wonderful and painful but never, ever dull!(...)"
    Jessica Curry has composed one of the most original soundtracks this decade.
  • "I really enjoy artistic collaboration and the name Module really seemed to fit my way of looking at the world."
    In his interview Module speaks about his inspirations, the popularity of his concerts, his plans for the future and about his homeland.
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“(...) Yep! It's the same closet Bastion was recorded in. (...)”

You say “Bastion” - you think “Darren Korb”. Or perhaps it’s just us here in the editorial who have such a strong connotation? It remains a fact, though, that the incredi...

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Full video footage of GameMusic.net session at Digital Dragons 2014

Olivier Deriviere, Marcin Przybyłowicz, and Piotr Musiał - those were our guest composers on the discussion panel hosted by our portal during this year's Digital Dragons conference which took place ...

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Old-world Electronic Post-rock

The game creation process is going full-circle and we see an increasing number of indie developers making it big in the gaming industry. It is hard not to agree with that statement and one does not ne...

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"(...)Really what I like best is for the game players to enjoy the music (...)"

In this interview for GameMusic.net we present you with the opportunity to hear and read about Jeff Broadbent’s approach in terms of composing music for video games. This composer with huge exp...

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It's Official! Mikołaj Stroiński To Co-Create The Music For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The composer is thereby starting his cooperation with Marcin Przybyłowicz, who has been working on the soundtrack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since the very beginning. Across the ocean Mikołaj Stro...

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“(...) I rather stick to the notes of uncertainty than proclaim ‘and now you ought to be scared’ (...)”

Polish game designer Adrian Chmielarz is mostly associated with Bulletstorm, but the truth is that his first steps in this industry were all about point-and-click adventure games. History comes full c...

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"(...)I like all of my songs, but what I'm most fond of are songs of the southern islands.(...)"

The Japanese vocalist Ritsuki Nakano, also known under the pseudonym Rikki, whose voice should be most familiar from Suteki da ne (Final Fantasy X), was a guest of honor of this year's Magnificon. Mag...

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Old direction, new route

Olivier Derivière has never tolerated banalities in his creations. Can one unwaveringly say that the original soundtrack to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is of poor quality? I think suc...

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How to preserve your identity as an artist in a technology-driven environment? (Review of A Composer's Guide to Game Music)

Have you heard this famous quote of (supposedly) Frank Zappa concerning writing about music in general? If not, then I encourage you to look for it by yourself. I’ll just add that - not without ...

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Brian D’Oliveira was kind and candid enough to let us take a bit of his time and talk about his music for Papo & Yo and Tearaway. You can watch this very special video, in which the charisma...

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